Microsoft Teams Reaches 115 Million Daily Active Users

Microsot experienced great growth in Teams services at the beginning of the Corona pandemic and has continued to increase over the past six months.

In an earnings report with investors, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that Microsoft Teams currently has 115 million daily active users.

The figure increased by more than 50% from the 75 million the company reported nearly six months ago.

However, it is difficult to compare Microsoft’s numbers with its competitors. Both Zoom and Google report daily active participants, meaning one user can be counted multiple times through different meetings in a day.

Google revealed it had 100 million daily active participants as of earlier this year. Meanwhile Zoom says it already has 300 million daily active participants.

Microsoft continues to improve Teams’ capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new Together Mode is designed specifically for pandemic-era meetings that allow participants to sit side by side virtually. The NBA uses the Team feature for basketball games during the summer.

Microsoft has also opened teams doors to third-party apps, provides services to consumers, and promised features such as breakthrough space by the end of the year.

In the same report, Nadella also revealed LinkedIn now has 722 million users. LinkedIn has grown gradually and increased Microsoft’s revenue since the company acquired the social network for USD 26 billion in 2016.

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How to Avoid Phone Scams

One mode of cybercrime is phone fraud. Here’s how to avoid it.

Crime syndicates out there are using your phone as a loophole to commit fraud with various modes. It feels like they don’t have the sense to deceive the lay people.

There’s an SMS pretending you won the lottery. There’s another phone that leads us to send otp codes. Some modes seem convincing, whereas behind them there are evil traps.

So how can we avoid such crimes?

How to avoid phone scams:

1. Be careful with unknown numbers

All your friends and family must have saved their numbers on your mobile phone. If an unknown number calls you, be aware. If he does have a need with you, usually he will continue to try to contact via WhatsApp.

2. Ignore strange phone numbers

If suddenly called with a number that does not start +62, do not rush to be picked up. Or there are some miscalls to your phone, but the numbers are similar. Usually this is a spam number, just ignore it.

3. The caller does not know your name, but invites to talk

Although telemarketing sucks, they usually still have your name, such as data from banks. But if you receive a call and the caller asks to speak without knowing your name, be ware.

Usually they’ll ask who he’s talking to. From where you answered, just ask him who he is. If it’s a shake, just turn off the phone.

4. It is not clear in conveying information

Back to the telemarketing thing, even though they’re quite annoying, they still have a runut sentence system. It’s memorized, but at least it’s a differentiation to phone fraud.

Usually they invite you in a hurry not to have time to think long. Or, they ask you to do something, that’s where it’s worth fully suspicious.

5. Do not be lured into providing information

If there is a mysterious caller and then he asks for information from you, for example asking for names, addresses and codes that are privacy- nature. Reject!

6. Be Ware of ‘Magical’

This magic is not magic yes, detikers. Magical is psychological manipulation. Fraudsters will usually toy with the feelings of the victim, such as panicking or fearing.

Sometimes, victims have been targeted first with minimum information and then panicked by news of disasters or legal problems afflicting family or friends. Remember, don’t believe it. It’s better to hang up and find confirmation yourself.

7. Use the phone number detection app

The most practical way to avoid phone fraud is to install a phone number detection app. There are many options on Android and iOS, please use the one that suits you best.

If a phone goes into your phone, the app will bring up the name whether it’s a fraudster, debt collector, telemarketing or indeed someone you know. You calm down when you’re on people’s phones. Just look at what he wrote. You can also report a fraudster’s phone number and log in to the database in the app so that other users are alert.

Investment Gold Not Fade Amid Strikes Fintech

Precious metals have been a favorite investment portfolio since time immemorial. Because gold prices are considered the most stable and tend to increase from time to time.

Now with the rise of peer to peer lending investment offers with attractive returns from various financial technology (fintech) companies, gold is still able to maintain its investment luster.

There are two common forms of gold investment in society, namely in the form of gold jewelery and gold bars. Of the two, the most popular gold bullion because it is considered more profitable.

Curious what makes many people invest in gold jewelry? Here’s the reason:

    Easy to get

Gold jewelry has always been very easy to find, even in traditional markets. Along with the development of time, gold shops also rose caste has a variety of luxury gold shop outlets to enter various malls.

Although many, you must be more careful in choosing gold in a conventional store. You must understand the type of gold that you will buy and don’t be fooled by fake gold.

Try to look for gold in well-known stores and already have a good reputation so as to minimize risk.

    Can bid prices

If you choose a gold bullion investment, you will be faced with an absolute non-negotiable price. However, this is not the case if you buy gold jewelry that is still possible to bargain with the seller at the gold shop.

Because there are many gold shops, you can do a comparison between one store to another until you get a price that matches your funds.

In addition, buying gold jewelry can also be adjusted to your abilities. At this time, you can buy gold weighing under 1 gram. Not only adjusting the budget by weight, gold can also be purchased based on rust.

On the market there are various types of gold karat, such as 18 carats, 22 carats, and 24 carats. You just need to adjust to the needs and abilities or availability.

But the disadvantage is that you will have difficulty if you want to sell or exchange your gold jewelry at another shop. You have to buy and sell your gold jewelry at the same store or the price will go down immediately.

    Supports appearance

In its heyday, the amount of gold jewelry used by someone aims to show the amount of wealth they have. But more than that, by wearing gold jewelry you can look more beautiful.

Some people may only consider jewelry as an accessory to beautify themselves through valuable material, although it is also not uncommon to make it to boost prestige in society. However, despite all that, collecting gold jewelry can be a promising investment if managed with a good strategy.

Nevertheless, investing in gold in the form of jewelry is still attractive. Besides being able to provide a pretty good return in the future, you can use this investment everyday to beautify yourself.

On the other hand, of course there are risks that you have to bear by investing in gold jewelry, such as the selling price that falls with market prices and also reduced manufacturing costs. In addition, gold jewelry also has a tendency to break easily because it is often worn.

For example bracelets and rings can be easily damaged because they are used and bumped into other objects. If it has changed color or shape does not match the initial shape, of course the price will go down.

That he series of benefits and risks of investing in gold jewelry. If you don’t have time to go to the gold shop to buy the jewelry you want right away, maybe the gold portfolio isn’t right for you to collect.

The Importance of Financial Management for Prosperous Families

The main problem of a family that is always there is usually about finance. Could be due to lack of money, excess money, or because of confusion about how to manage money for people whose income is mediocre, while the needs always exceed income.

But the estuary of it all, the key word is how to manage family or personal finances with smart, careful and the best. Because the problem of managing finances does not look at the poor, middle or rich.

Because any group can manage their family’s finances. If you are able to manage your family’s finances then you can say that 50 percent of them have succeeded and succeeded in financial terms.

Managing family finances well is one of the keys to family success. The management of family or household finances is more complicated than managing personal finances because it involves many people, namely husband, wife and children.

If the management of household finances is running properly, then fortunate family members. However, if you are wrong in managing finances, be prepared to experience financial problems until the end of the month.

Whoever is responsible for managing family finances, whether his wife or husband, he is in charge of managing expenses, ranging from operational funds to credit card installments, children’s school fees, holidays, social or religious assistance, to snacks outside the home. The ‘treasurer’ of the family is encouraged to be more creative and careful in this matter, because the sustainability of the household depends on how smart they are in managing money.

Family Financial Management is the “Art of financial management carried out by individuals or families through others to achieve goals that are efficient, effective and beneficial, so that the family becomes a prosperous family and a prosperous family.

Management or management of family finances is a necessity that cannot be bargained anymore, because managing family finances has broader implications because not only oneself involved, but wives / husbands, children and maybe even parents and in-laws.

According to Rhenald Kasali, PhD, financial matters are not only the affairs of mothers who are daily believed to be “financial ministers” as well as “domestic ministers”.

The husband as the head of the household, the giver and life partner must equally understand how to manage his money so as not to fall into the trap of “living today” (in Elvyn G. Masassya, Jakarta, 2004, xvii).

Therefore in the management of family finances there needs to be “openness” between husband and wife, so that each individual does not blame or suspect each other, and each must trust each other in trust and discipline.

Management is an art, so each individual or family has their respective arts in managing family finances. However, basically management activities include POAC activities, i.e

1. Planning: Planning is a process for presenting family goals and creating appropriate strategies for achieving goals.

2. Organizing: Organizing is the process of ensuring that the preparation is in accordance with the objectives of resources and the environment.

3. Actuating: Actuating is an action taken in the context of an effort so that all planning and goals of the family can be achieved as expected.

4. Controlling: controlling is the process of controlling a family to maintain financial conditions.

Financial planning is important, especially for families to achieve a prosperous family. On the other hand, there are many people who do not have definite targets, including in financial planning in an effort to improve themselves and their families, while everyone needs clear targets to help improve family welfare by means of financial planning.

Managing family finances is important, because family finances in quantity and quality can be of maximum benefit to families to achieve a prosperous family that is sufficient materially and spiritually, and all family members can develop their potential according to their talents, abilities.

Managing family finances means managing all income or revenue both routine (continuing) and incidental (intermittent) and routine (continuing) expenses and incidental (intermittent) expenses.

The use / expenditure of money / funds must not exceed the receipt of money, the source of funds can use debt, but watch out debt can be a savior god but can be disastrous.

When there is excess funds can be done by investing or being reached as depositing themselves for the future or retirement, but watch out and be careful with “bulging investments”.

Good family financial management, when the use of funds must be adjusted to all available sources of funds in a balanced manner according to plan and utilization, between realization and targets should be appropriate and realistic, and periodically it is necessary to reflect and introspect on family finances, this will all have an impact in, which finally can achieve a prosperous family that is the desire of all people / families.

There are 6 ways to manage household finances so that income and expenditure are balanced, even saving or investing for the future. These methods include:

1. Calculate all income

The initial step in managing household finances is to add up all the income earned, from monthly salaries, overtime pay, additional income, to investment returns. The aim is to find out how much funding can be allocated for each need, namely primary, secondary, and tertiary needs.

2. Arrange priority expenditure plans in a month

After calculating income, write down the household expenditure plan from the most important alias priority. Starting from spending on food and drink, transportation, paying utility bills, water, rental housing, debt or credit card installments, and other routine costs.

3. Allocate for savings, insurance, and investment

Set aside 25-30 percent of total income for savings, insurance, and investment. For example, 10 percent for savings, 5 percent for health insurance premiums, and 15 percent for investment.

All three have their respective benefits. Savings can be used to buy a house, pay for unexpected needs, and others. While health insurance is protected, and investments are beneficial to rotate, so it does not run out. In fact, many people choose investments to double money.

If you are a beginner, choose a small capital investment, low risk, but the maximum profit, such as gold investment, mutual funds. Now there is also fintech peer to peer lending (p2p) funding.

4. Prepare a reserve fund

The need for this one is no less important. Allocate a budget for reserve funds or emergency funds. This reserve fund is used for urgent purposes. Reserve funds are free, meaning you can set aside anything for this post.

In this case, you need a commitment not to disturb the reserve fund if there is no urgent need until the end of the month. Unless you want to use this fund for investment.

5. Differentiate your needs and desires

If you have allocated money for important budget items above, and it turns out there is still money left, then you can allocate funds for secondary (support) and tertiary (luxury) needs, such as shopping for clothes, cosmetics, shoes, traveling, buying a cellphone , or other expenses.

But remember you must see the need. If you really need new shoes, because the old ones are already broken, then you can shop. Do not get hungry eyes, frantically shopping for a moment’s desire.

6. Keep Debt Ratio

To keep financials stable, don’t be in a mess, keep your debt ratio. Try no more than 30 percent of your main income. Because if more than that, then your income is only used up a month to pay the debt repayments. Or you are forced to cut other postal budgets so that you are ‘saved’ from the debt pile. Therefore, not only do a healthy life, but also maintain a healthy debt ratio of a maximum of 30 percent.