February 2020

How to make a Doodle Art for beginners, complete with examples

There are a lot of ways to make doodle art especially for beginners. Besides how to make a doodle for beginners There is also how to create a doodle name, how to make a simple doodle, how to make a doodle art in Photoshop and how to make a doodle art online.

Actually anyone can make doodle art. Usually a person unconsciously makes a doodle art in the moment he is bored or is dreamy. For example, when you’re in class, when a teacher is describing a lesson, you’re unconsciously doodling a book, drawing something abstract.

Maybe for some people this is a trivial thing. However, this doodle art is needed to improve your art skills and imagination, so that one’s soul art can be blurred.

You need to know that the Doodle art can also be learned. Yes, of course this is so coret-coretan you have an artistic value. How? Let’s read more about this article.

What is Doodle Art?

Before learning how to create a doodle art, you should know first what is Doodle art? Yes, as already mentioned above. Basically doodle Art It is an image that is made unconsciously and without any specific purpose. Doodle Art has a lot of different shapes, ranging from animal images, letters, specific characters or even abstract strokes.

Doodle Art is done by many children, even adults still love to do doodle art. For example, the schoolboy who was bored while listening to the teacher’s explanation, he unconsciously made a picture on a paper. Doodle art can also be made by someone who is winging something.

Well, now it has been told what is Doodle art. Although the Doodle art was basically created accidentally. It’s been a lot of doodle art created intentionally. Where his doodle art works has certain messages and meanings. What is it like? Let’s keep up with it.

Tools for making Doodle Art

There are a lot of ways to make doodle art especially for beginners. Besides how to make a doodle for beginners There is also how to create a doodle name, how to make a simple doodle, how to make a doodle art in Photoshop and how to make a doodle art online.

But if you want to hone the Doodle art skills you have, you must know and know the basics of Doodle art and of course you should always bring all the tools and needs to create doodle art.

To become a master of Doodle art, you have to be diligent and focus on this art. For those of you who are beginners, you can set up tools like the ones below.

  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Ink Pen
  • Sketch Book
  • Highlighter
  • Marker Markers
  • Other supporting tools such as: lime, charcoal, paint and colored pencils.

Steps to create a Doodle Art

After all equipment is complete. It’s time to prepare yourself to follow the steps of creating a doodle art. For the beginner, you can start creating Doodle art with any theme according to your imagination.

The first step, finding inspiration

Finding inspiration is one way to create a doodle art for beginners. Just like any professional artist or painter does, when wanting to make a famous art of his paintings. But to make Doodle art, looking for inspiration is not as difficult as professional painters.

You can get inspiration from things around, such as: an action, a feeling, an event, a place, a person, an environment, a favorite song and even your own name can be created by Doodle Art. It’s sometimes brilliant ideas will appear suddenly, so you have to be ready to pen them.

Step two, free to express and many tries

To make an undemanded doodle art have to create the same image in one sketch. You can draw what’s in your imagination in one sketch. For example, you want to draw a dish of bakpau, you suddenly remember the faces of your chubby friends and CAbi, and then you picture your friends faces while eating bakpau.

Please you pour all your imagination into a piece of paper to become a doodle art. Essentially, to make doodle art does not need a special concept or theory. You can draw freely according to your imagination.

Defining a specific theme

Once you pour out all your imagination, in this step you will be polished so that your imagination is directed. Yes, to get a good doodle art work not only from the interesting image but also there is a meaning or message that is implied in your artwork.

Therefore what is needed in this step is the theme selection. You can start drawing something that’s still in the same type or theme. The theme is also a lot of stuff, there are pictures such as: flowers, animals and others. There are also themes depicting feelings, such as: joyful, sad and others. There are also about social conditions, such as harmony, poverty, and so forth.

How to create a floral Doodle

Flowers are a lot of objects made for Doodle art. This is because the interest of one object that is easy to do. Here are some ideas to create a doodle art with a flower theme that you can practice.

  • Draw a flower vase, then draw a bunch of your favorite flowers in the vase.
  • Draw a garden filled with unique flowers.
  • Draw some roses, then detail on the part of the petals.
  • Draw a sunflower that is being illuminated with sunlight.
  • Draw a Daisy and write a few words in each of the petals.
  • Or you can also draw a flower you like, then you include a person’s name.

To be clearer watch the video how to create a floral doodle below.

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