How to Avoid Phone Scams

One mode of cybercrime is phone fraud. Here’s how to avoid it.

Crime syndicates out there are using your phone as a loophole to commit fraud with various modes. It feels like they don’t have the sense to deceive the lay people.

There’s an SMS pretending you won the lottery. There’s another phone that leads us to send otp codes. Some modes seem convincing, whereas behind them there are evil traps.

So how can we avoid such crimes?

How to avoid phone scams:

1. Be careful with unknown numbers

All your friends and family must have saved their numbers on your mobile phone. If an unknown number calls you, be aware. If he does have a need with you, usually he will continue to try to contact via WhatsApp.

2. Ignore strange phone numbers

If suddenly called with a number that does not start +62, do not rush to be picked up. Or there are some miscalls to your phone, but the numbers are similar. Usually this is a spam number, just ignore it.

3. The caller does not know your name, but invites to talk

Although telemarketing sucks, they usually still have your name, such as data from banks. But if you receive a call and the caller asks to speak without knowing your name, be ware.

Usually they’ll ask who he’s talking to. From where you answered, just ask him who he is. If it’s a shake, just turn off the phone.

4. It is not clear in conveying information

Back to the telemarketing thing, even though they’re quite annoying, they still have a runut sentence system. It’s memorized, but at least it’s a differentiation to phone fraud.

Usually they invite you in a hurry not to have time to think long. Or, they ask you to do something, that’s where it’s worth fully suspicious.

5. Do not be lured into providing information

If there is a mysterious caller and then he asks for information from you, for example asking for names, addresses and codes that are privacy- nature. Reject!

6. Be Ware of ‘Magical’

This magic is not magic yes, detikers. Magical is psychological manipulation. Fraudsters will usually toy with the feelings of the victim, such as panicking or fearing.

Sometimes, victims have been targeted first with minimum information and then panicked by news of disasters or legal problems afflicting family or friends. Remember, don’t believe it. It’s better to hang up and find confirmation yourself.

7. Use the phone number detection app

The most practical way to avoid phone fraud is to install a phone number detection app. There are many options on Android and iOS, please use the one that suits you best.

If a phone goes into your phone, the app will bring up the name whether it’s a fraudster, debt collector, telemarketing or indeed someone you know. You calm down when you’re on people’s phones. Just look at what he wrote. You can also report a fraudster’s phone number and log in to the database in the app so that other users are alert.