Investment Gold Not Fade Amid Strikes Fintech

Precious metals have been a favorite investment portfolio since time immemorial. Because gold prices are considered the most stable and tend to increase from time to time.

Now with the rise of peer to peer lending investment offers with attractive returns from various financial technology (fintech) companies, gold is still able to maintain its investment luster.

There are two common forms of gold investment in society, namely in the form of gold jewelery and gold bars. Of the two, the most popular gold bullion because it is considered more profitable.

Curious what makes many people invest in gold jewelry? Here’s the reason:

    Easy to get

Gold jewelry has always been very easy to find, even in traditional markets. Along with the development of time, gold shops also rose caste has a variety of luxury gold shop outlets to enter various malls.

Although many, you must be more careful in choosing gold in a conventional store. You must understand the type of gold that you will buy and don’t be fooled by fake gold.

Try to look for gold in well-known stores and already have a good reputation so as to minimize risk.

    Can bid prices

If you choose a gold bullion investment, you will be faced with an absolute non-negotiable price. However, this is not the case if you buy gold jewelry that is still possible to bargain with the seller at the gold shop.

Because there are many gold shops, you can do a comparison between one store to another until you get a price that matches your funds.

In addition, buying gold jewelry can also be adjusted to your abilities. At this time, you can buy gold weighing under 1 gram. Not only adjusting the budget by weight, gold can also be purchased based on rust.

On the market there are various types of gold karat, such as 18 carats, 22 carats, and 24 carats. You just need to adjust to the needs and abilities or availability.

But the disadvantage is that you will have difficulty if you want to sell or exchange your gold jewelry at another shop. You have to buy and sell your gold jewelry at the same store or the price will go down immediately.

    Supports appearance

In its heyday, the amount of gold jewelry used by someone aims to show the amount of wealth they have. But more than that, by wearing gold jewelry you can look more beautiful.

Some people may only consider jewelry as an accessory to beautify themselves through valuable material, although it is also not uncommon to make it to boost prestige in society. However, despite all that, collecting gold jewelry can be a promising investment if managed with a good strategy.

Nevertheless, investing in gold in the form of jewelry is still attractive. Besides being able to provide a pretty good return in the future, you can use this investment everyday to beautify yourself.

On the other hand, of course there are risks that you have to bear by investing in gold jewelry, such as the selling price that falls with market prices and also reduced manufacturing costs. In addition, gold jewelry also has a tendency to break easily because it is often worn.

For example bracelets and rings can be easily damaged because they are used and bumped into other objects. If it has changed color or shape does not match the initial shape, of course the price will go down.

That he series of benefits and risks of investing in gold jewelry. If you don’t have time to go to the gold shop to buy the jewelry you want right away, maybe the gold portfolio isn’t right for you to collect.